Aaron Wilson : God is NOT a God of Second Chance : A 31 Day Devotional

God is NOT a God of Second Chance : A 31 Day Devotional

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January 13, 2014



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When it comes to eternity, don’t take any chances!

Many Christians live in a cycle of asking for forgiveness, trying to be good, failing, and shame. They’re banking on a second chance God.

But what if there was something better? In God is NOT a God of Second Chances, Aaron Wilson shows how the message of the cross trumps a second chance...a truth that can revolutionize your life.

Let Christ be the Hero of each day as you encounter the good news of His gospel on each page of this easy-to-read, 31-day devotional.


Twitter: @AaronBWilson26

Editorial Reviews

"A thoughtful devotional book that goes beyond a spiritual bite for the day and gives a full meal for hungry believers!"

-Robert Whitlow Best-Selling author of The Choice


"I have a very difficult time reading theology texts without becoming frustrated and worn out. God is NOT a God of Second Chances is simple and refreshing. Thought-provoking is an understatement!"

-Jeremy in NC


“I started reading this morning and just couldn't put it down. Yes, I read all 31 devotions this morning! I've not read a book cover-to-cover in probably 15+ years, but I just couldn't stop reading."

-Scott in TN

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