Aaron Mark Reimer : The Art of Being Broken (Excerpt)

The Art of Being Broken (Excerpt)

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Broken Arise Books

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April 13, 2015



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*This is an excerpt of The Art of Being Broken. It is available in its entirety through www.theartofbeingbroken.com or your local Amazon site.*

What if everything isn't fine?

What if there is life outside of our shells?

What if there is beauty under our masks?

What if there is healing beyond brokenness?

What if we could see the image of God in ourselves?

What if God's art is made from our broken pieces?

In The Art of Being Broken, Aaron Mark Reimer opens up an authentic, sometimes awkward, occasionally hilarious, one-way conversation about our brokenness, the things we use to cover it, and the healing that can come through exposing it.

Editorial Reviews

"Thank you for opening my eyes to a new, and redemptive, way of seeing my life and experience. I am a better husband, father and person because of the application of ideas from your pages to the hurt and brokenness that had categorized different stages of my life." - Kevin F.

"You need to get this book! The Art of Being Broken by Aaron Mark Reimer. Your brokenness can be made beautiful." - Brianna P.

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