Aaron Alexovich : ELDRITCH #1


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Neil Gaiman, Jhonen Vasquez, Mike Mignola, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury

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27 pages



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ANYA SOBCZEK (SUB-CHECK) is a snarling science major with an arm full of Darwin tattoos. Her brother OWEN is a sensitive young thing in a coven of teenage occultists. The Sobczek sibs have always been brutally competitive, but now that Owen’s blood has started BUBBLING with ancient tentacled abominations, their rivalry’s about to enter a vast new dimension of cosmic terror…

Written by AARON ALEXOVICH (Serenity Rose, Invader Zim), Art by DREW RAUSCH (My Blacks Don't Match, Edward Scissorhands)

Editorial Reviews

“Demonically inventive!” - iFANBOY
“Blasphemously good!”

“One of my favorite comics.” - MARK WAID, Irredeemable

“The first thing I did upon reading just the first page of ELDRITCH! was throw the book into the fireplace, terrified that the comic was so good it might just stop my heart. Long did I clutch at my chest before ordering the book once more. I recommend buying several copies at once.” – JHONEN VASQUEZ, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick

“Best Ongoing Comic Series (2011)” - LYZ REBLIN, Ain’t It Cool News

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