Travis Thi'sl Tyler : Against All Odds: Autobiography (Sample Chapter)

Against All Odds: Autobiography (Sample Chapter)

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Full Ride Music Group, LLC.

Publication Date

March 22, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

If you've never heard of Travis Thi'sl Tyler before, prepare to take quite a journey through his life and marvel at what God has brought him through. If you're a fan of his music, different songs will come to mind as you read through his life. You'll see where such songs as "I Needed You" and "Hey Momma" came from, and feel the powerful meaning behind songs like "I Forgive You," among others. Thi’sl grew up facing the crushing issues of poverty, fatherlessness, gang violence, and an arrest for first degree murder, but these things didn’t defeat him, thanks to God’s saving grace. Be ready to experience a story that will make you laugh, cry, think, and rejoice at seeing the powerful freedom that comes from God!

Editorial Reviews

I've known Thi'sl for years and seen his story and voice impact people all around the world. There are only a handful of people in
our day life him. Who came out the fire and have turned back around to run back
into it to pull people out. His voice is special, unique and challenging. He
reminds us of what we should all be doing with our lives-living for something
greater than ourselves.


Grammy Award Winning Artist, Actor, Co Owner of
Reach Records


Listening to Thi'sl’s music and hearing him speak shows how people can change for the better. He has seen the worst and now he is seeing
the best in people! Thi'sl’s story has inspired and will continue to inspire
people all across the world!

Bubba Watson

Two-time PGA Masters Champion


The life story of Thi’sl is nothing less than astounding. His journey has left a profound impact on me and I have retold it to numerous
people. Read these words and let this story challenge yours.

Judah Smith

New York Times Best Selling Author, Pastor of The City Church (Seattle, Washington)

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