Travis Thi'sl Tyler : Against All Odds: Life Application

Against All Odds: Life Application

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Full Ride Music Group, LLC.

Publication Date

August 29, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Former gang leader and drug dealer, Travis Thi'sl Tyler gives a practical/biblical road map of his transition from being spiritual and financially bankrupt to a life of freedom.

“This isn’t magic, and it isn't an excuse or something to blame your failures on because you’re too lazy to work. It's a pursuit. God has created each one of us with a purpose in mind. No matter what type of hole you may find yourself in, you still have the mark of your creator on you.”

In Against All Odds: Life Application, Travis Thi’sl Tyler; lays out a spiritual and practical road map that will lead men from living the lies that culture says they were born to be, to living life the way God intended for them in creation. Thi’sl addresses issues like:Faith

  • Faith
  • Prayer
  • Forgiveness
  • Stewardship
  • Paying Off Child Support
  • Surrendering To God’s Will
  • Building and Following a Plan
  • Being Created In God’s Image
  • Sacrificing To Reach Your Goals

Editorial Reviews

How valuable could a resource like this be in discipleship / inner-city ministry?

What good can come from the hood? Some would say nothing. Against All Odds is the real
life story of what God can do when Christians believe differently. While
trapped in a life of hustling, God transformed Thi'sl through the love of
Christians that wouldn't give up hope. They knew that God didn't abandon the
hood and neither would they. It is in this same spirit that Thi'sl created this
resource for those seeking to escape the trap but not knowing the way out.
Thi'sl always gives the raw and uncut in his music and this book is no
different. Pick it up, read it and be encouraged. Maybe you aren't the one
caught in the trap of the hood life but you know those who are. Then this is a
much-needed resource to pass on to others. Let them hear from someone who walked
in their shoes and came out the other side.

Brian Dye (Chicago, Il)

Director at Legacy
(Urban Leadership Conference)

Mentorship Director at Grip Youth

Elder at Legacy Church Chicago


This resource is valuable because we have men
and women in our community who can relate first hand to everything Thi'sl mentioned. People in my hood (community) will read this and become hopeful because of the
fact that they can identify with the story. This book gives practical direction
on how to think about your situation and who to place our trust in as God
renews our mind and we start changing.
As an
African American man in urban ministry, living life with my neighbors in an
urban context, Against All Odds: Life Application is definitely what we’ve been waiting on. Thi’sl takes us on an
emotional journey, as he is transparent about many of his struggles and
disappointments. God's love and grace is clearly on display as Thi’sl
experiences redemption and freedom in all areas of his life. This book tells a
story of a Jesus who obviously cares about redeeming the whole being of a
person to advance His Kingdom on Earth and not just saving his soul just to go
to heaven. Thisl's captivating testimony merged with practical biblical and life
application is exactly what we all need in our context in urban ministry, yet
it has a universal message for all to be encouraged and challenged.

Kevin King (Montgomery,

Director of Mentoring

Common Ground Montgomery (Inner City Outreach

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