Werley Nortreus


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About the Author

Werley Nortreus is a Gospel Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. He was born (November 10, 1993), born and raised in Haiti, from the Caribbean. He's known professionally as a young Gospel Artist who can make his own instrumentals and beats, also a producer. He appeared in multiple Churches performances with other Gospel Artists across Haiti and in the US. He's known as the CEO & Founder of Ceraphin Corporation that he started in 2015. His albums got million streams play worldwide, he made it to Top40-Charts right after his albums reached million streams play. One of Werley's famous quotes said: "When you really want something, people's opinions and critics can't hold you back because you believe in yourself." Most impressive of all, Werley achieved all of his success through Music, books, Quotes, and Ceraphin Corporation that he launched.