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Die Every Moment

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13: 978-1500160128



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March 2015



About the Book    About the Author

Kalki inherits his

father's international conglomerate and must immediately defend the company and his family, from a hostile takeover from a ruthless stakeholder named Sanakia. In a battle of more than just corporate politics, Sanakia enlists the services of Sian a notorious pirate who kidnaps Kalki's pregnant wife.

Kalki must try and save his wife, as well as his own life, as he learns of the true reasons behind Sanakia's assault against him, his family and his company. A sealed envelope left in the safe deposit box of his bank by his father before his death shatters the even tenor of Kalki’s life. Raw, chilling fear squeezes his heart and leaves him breathless. The revelation is so earth shaking for him that life will never be the same for Kalki. The deadly secret is hidden in an ancient six thousand year old temple belonging to Kalki’s ancestors that lies in ruins in the thick jungles of an island that came with his inheritance

Kalki and Andrews are drawn into the race to save their lives and to defend what they hold dear. The evil Sanakia kidnaps their women. They must rescue their women and destroy the savage madman bent on destruction.

In their quest to save what they hold dear and kill the pirates, they are helped by a team of ex-special forces veterans and Vanesa, a pretty medical research scientist from USA.

Will Kalki and Andrews be able to save their business empire from their scheming relatives? Will Kalki and Andrews overcome their weaknesses and fear, fight against the odds stacked against them and win?

It’s a fast action adventure. It’s a story of courage, fear, of lust, love and fighting the odds!

Kalki must be one step ahead of his enemy Sanakia, who has partial information of what’s in the sealed envelope. It’s a race against time for Kalki as he tries to safeguard the secret and at the same time get to what’s in the ancient temple before Sanakia does. Sanakia and Kalki are in a spot as both cannot reveal the information and get help to retrieve it.

The story starts when Kalki’s and Andrews’s wife is kidnapped and held for ransom by Sanakia with the help of the ruthless pirate. When the ransom is paid and Kalki is asked to come and take both their wives back, he is trapped and made to witness his wife’s brutal rape by Sanakia. The story unfolds with Kalki already trapped and tortured to reveal the secret.…

Kalki is released for a purpose, a sick, cruel reason by Sanakia but is stalked at every step.

Kalki sets a trap to lure Sanakia and the pirate with the intention of killing them. Svenson Thor, the Norwegian security boss of his company helps him. It backfires and only the pirate’s son falls into the trap. He is trapped and brutally killed with his men.

Kalki will face the sins of this brutal act. Andrews will be drawn into the deadly conflict not of his making. Both will be stalked every step of the way by savage, cruel, ruthless men whose only pleasure is inflicting extreme pain and exacting sweet revenge!

The killing of his son infuriates the pirate. The action intensifies with each side trying to outmaneuver the other. Kalki is no match for the ruthlessness and intensity of Sanakia and the pirate. He enlists the aid of his ex-special forces friends who come to his help to even the score.


. The story unfolds with Kalki already trapped and tortured to reveal the secret.…

‘In front of him, arms akimbo stands Sanakia, his voice vibrating with arrogance. He motions to two of the pirates who walk up to Kalki, loosen the knots and props him up. Sanakia claps his hands gleefully like a devilish mischievous kid. He commands his men to drag Kalki’s wife out from the room.

The two men half drag half carry Apsara. She is stark naked, her eyes swollen. Her face black and blue, her belly big with child, looking out of proportion lies slumped on the straw covered ground. Kalki seeing his lovely Apsara bruised and battered cries out in anguish.

Sanakia stands with Sian, leering down at the naked body of Apsara. He walks over to her and fondles her swollen breasts roughly. She cries out in pain. Kalki pleads with Sanakia to stop it.

Kalki straightens his head, which has tilted to one side. Spittle and blood had caked and stained his cheeks. Another cry catches his attention, his eyes focus.

He watches helplessly in horror, as Sian spreads and holds back Apsara’s legs. She is wide open. Sanakia kneels between her legs and rams his huge blood gorged manhood into her. He rides her like a bull, Apsara cries out in pain. ‘

And it continues with Kalki luring, trapping and killing Sian’s son as revenge…Which infuriates the pirate and sanakia. Below is a scene from that chapter.

‘Avanto wanted to scream but couldn’t. The thin hemp swung around his neck cutting of the scream. It ended as a soft gurgle. The second loop of the rope cut off his breath. His eyes bulged in its sockets, his face knotted, turning purplish red. The veins in his neck pulsated, looking like earthworms below the skin. He fell to the ground on the verge of losing consciousness. Everything in his vision took on a tinge of grey, the colors fading.

Kalki caught Avanto’s body as it fell, softening the impact. At the same time he slid two fingers expertly between the neck and the rope encircling it. He pulled the rope upwards a couple of inches. Avanto’s face lost its blue tinge as air rushed into his lungs. He gasped for air greedily, like a fish out of water and stranded on the shores. Then terror enveloped his being; he opened his mouth to scream. Before he could, a stiff finger jabbed him on the side of his neck and he slipped into blackness.

When Avanto regained consciousness and his senses woke up, fear gripped his heart. He wanted to scream but couldn’t. He tried moving his body but to no avail. He opened his eyes, the only thing he had control of. He looked around. There was no one except the ever-present jungle. He realized why he couldn’t scream or move his body an inch.

Avanto was tied, his back to a tree. His arms and legs pulled back, hands and feet bound tight behind the tree, the pain excruciating. He could only take shallow breaths. His mouth, wide open held a one-inch thick, eight inches long round piece of wood with a thin rope at both ends looped around the tree trunk. The wood wedged in his mouth strained against his jaws when he tried to move. He had never in his life experienced such terror or pain!’

And the story continues…What happens in the end? How does it end?

Editorial Reviews

"The dialogue flows well and the narrative

is clear and concise. The language used is powerful and reflects the genre you
are writing for. Die Every Moment is a fast paced, flowing, clean narrative.
Good believable dialogue. Highly rated!"

--Maria Constantine, Author

"A truly devastating scene unfolds
as the young Kalki's soul is ripped apart by the vicious acts of the evil
Sanakia. The survivors from the first scene are loaded onto the helicopter and
whisked away as the reader is left breathless and desperate for more."

--Warrick Meyers, Author

"The rest of it is also fantastic. I
liked the characters, the dialogue etc. You write brilliantly and I was
completely drawn into this super story. Very good show. You promised a
sequel…can’t wait for ‘Die In Ecstasy’ to be out!"

--Desmond Chhimi, Author

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