Vic Connor : Max! Box Set, Books 1-3

Max! Box Set, Books 1-3

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Children & Teens, Humor

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Print Length

375 Pages




Helvetic House

Publication Date

November 29, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Max! is a smart series for smart kids.

It is 1983, and Max Lapin is about to turn thirteen. He lives in a remote Soviet city of Belsk, but very soon, Max finds himself in all sorts of places — the nearby zoo; Moscow; Alaska and Mongolia... But one thing remains constant: readers love Max because they can relate to him. Max is as flawed as he is loveable. As you move with Max through his middle school years, you’ll laugh, cry, worry, roll your eyes, and appreciate the challenges he is willing to face.

Max! is both an adventure series and a coming of age story that entertains middle-grade readers and adults alike. While the characters are fictional, the locations and history are all based on facts. The historical backdrop of Max! adds a fascinating dimension to this warm, funny and memorable series.

Here’s what readers say:

— “Funny and Inspiring!”

— “An inspirational story to read.”

— “An extraordinarily enjoyable and fascinating story of a wonderful kid.”

— “Five star! A funny adventure story with some deep messages.”

— “This kid’s story is fascinating!”

— "A very funny story and at heart, a very inspiring one. Five stars!"

Editorial Reviews

This is supposed to be a book for kids, but it is one of the funniest books I have read.

Max is a great character with such a sweet personality. He always wants to do the right thing and he faces the typical struggles of young love and peer pressure and bullies. Which sadly has become a normal thing in today's society.

The book inspired me and reminded me to keep the good side showing. I love the stories from his Grandpa and the other characters are strong supports. The illustrations add so much to the book and pull you in even more. It is a wonderful book, with engaging details and sent me right into the heart of the story and the heart of Max.

This is the second book I have read from Vic Connor and he is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine and for one who reads a lot that is not a small feat. His imagination is brilliant and I so enjoy his work. I definitely recommend this book, not just for young adults but grown-ups as well, it is a delightful read and one that will make you smile. I am so hooked!

Debbie, "Pages of Sunshine".

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