tony newton : Novaphonics A Universal Harmony

Novaphonics A Universal Harmony

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A NEW AGE – BOOK: 169 pages

By Antonio Newton

This exciting book presents all the details of Antonio Newton’s tremendous and innovative discovery, development, historical evolution, as well as mystical and metaphysical perspectives on the Novaphonic Q’ sound. It traces Newton’s first seed thought and creative process of the creative and application of this innovative discovery of the Novaphonic sound. Written for music lovers, listeners and musicians, the informative book is presented in easy to understand terms and paradigms.

This book now republished in original form after 26 years is a welcomed addition to music’s historical archives of knowledge, theory and performance. This re-published version is an exact duplicate of the original printing without any editing so as to retain its’ pure and untainted essence. The goal here is to present the original spirit of creativity, exploration and application of Newton. This book is actually a part of a 7 volume expose’ of the theory, composition, performance and history of this innovative and esoteric field of music study. Written by Newton in the 1980’s to document his findings and place into a comprehensive system of study for the serious musician-composer who wants to explore this evolutionary musical sound dimension and it’s wonders of new harmonic sound structures. NOVAPHONIC MUSIC

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