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Gold Thunder The Tony Newton Story

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This story is about my personal quest for Gold as a musician to the stars. My journey led me to many well-springs of shiny Gold by performing on many Gold and Platinum recordings and performing live concert tours for many years with Gold and Platinum recording artists. The ride has not been an easy one, it has been filled with plenty of heartache, financial un-compensation, disrespect, mental and emotional anxiety, depression for some and other negative energies that make the path quiet challenging if you want to still live a reasonable fulfilling life. On the other hand, there is no greater joy than doing what you most love, and were put here on Earth to do! The amount of profound and infinite joy and pure creative energy rush which you receive from performing music is pure heaven.

The quest for Gold, a Gold Record that is which represents 1 million record sales. This is the upper most, and important goal in a music artist or musicians mind. The Gold Record represents a literal lifetime of secure work as long as you are healthy and of sound mind. To play-perform on a Gold Record as a musician and is also a big boon for both the bank and the ego. For a musician playing with Gold Record Artists is also much desired! This is because of the higher pay scale and work stability. To play on a Gold Record is a lifetime dream for many musicians throughout the world 24/7. It means Fame and fortune literally. It really is your 15 minutes of glory. Some even are lucky enough to perform on more than one or several Gold Recordings.

When I started playing professionally at age 14, I listened to a lot of music on the radio and recordings, and wanted in on that American Dream. I didn’t realize what a Gold Record was until later when I learned about the top 10 or forty million sellers. I dabbled in sports speed-skating in a few local races with moderate success, and really liked it, but I decided music was my ticket to ride. I knew what a Gold Ribbon award was and it usually meant fame and fortune on some level, so this was my early experience with winning Gold. But I knew inside that “Music” was my golden opportunity!

Detroit in the 60’s was a dynamic, creative and economical urban city. Bustling with

Plenty of jobs from automobile manufacturers Ford, GM, Chrysler etc, the Vietnam War, the Hippy movement, social and racial change were also happening in a big way. It was a time of great change. Music of all types was coming on the scene and having a huge impact on society. Detroit was also a town of intense danger and the criminal element. Detroit actually was called “murder capital” in those times. With all this going on, Detroit was still one of the most exciting places to live for a musician.

Editorial Reviews

“Tony Newton, super genius, will go down in history as one of the most

vital path-forgers of our era” …Music critic Randali of Mean Street Magazine.

Tony Newton has experience in certain areas that make it almost impossible to play anything else; and that anything else is what I didn't want to hear anyway. He worked eight years with Motown, so he had to play a certain way. Like Allan Holdsworth, he not only plays long beautiful lines, but at the same time he plays very rhythmically. Some bass players are busy playing the bass as if it's another guitar. That's fine with me, except that it wasn't what I wanted for the band..…Tony Williams

Architect of Fusion
Brings The Edge To Extreme Music Minds! Legendary Musician-composer new
Thunderfunkfusion project promises inspiring music frontiers for exploring
music lovers. – Quantum Media Music

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