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Antonio tony newton is an author of over 15 books on music, meditation, spirituality, metaphysics and personal development.

Articles of Light

The foundation bases it’s theology upon the “DIVINE FLAME ARTICLES OFLIGHT”, a collection of 33 Divine principle documents which offer personal guidance and soul growth, The three main documents being, “The 12 Gratitude’s of love”, and “The 7 Gifts of light”, and the “Christ-Light Meditations”. These documents were given through spirit to Antonio Newton by the Ascended masters and light workers in October of 1998 in Los Angeles California as an aid to planetary awakening and vibrational raising of the new millennium.

MIRACULOUS YOU BOOK“A Quantum Leap for Personal Development”

“MIRACULOUS YOU” is a dynamic presentation of the revolutionary Divine Wholeness DNA meditation techniques. Based upon the simple principle that each of us has within our DNA a Divine source code and seed of Divinity from the universal creator/God, just as we have our father-mother-family code. Divine Wholeness gives us specific meditation techniques to access, attune, and develop a relationship with our Divine essence to enhance and enrich our lives. DWM is a simple, yet potent and powerful seven-phase, multi-level innovative meditation technique which carries you naturally through: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, health, material, and financial dimensions to achieve and sustain harmony, balance, love, success, abundance and joy in one’s personal life.

“MIRACULOUS YOU” is both an introduction and guide into the multi-dimensional world of DWM and the unbounded richness, creativity and freedom that one can receive. Personal self-empowerment is the quest of this historical and powerful meditation technique discovery.

Divine Wholeness meditation techniques were developed by creative visionary-music legend-humanitarian, Antonio Newton Msc.D., as an evolutionary path from his over 40 years of using various historical meditation techniques i.e. transcendental meditation (TM), yogic, psychological, spiritual and metaphysical studies and experiences comes a true quantum leap in personal development.

“DNA is the new spiritual frontier of the millennium. “ – AN

“DW is total life enrichment and self-empowerment”

“Through meditation you awaken to your true nature and highest potentials.” The Dalai Lama


This story is about my personal quest for Gold as a musician to the stars. My journey led me to many well-springs of shiny Gold by performing on many Gold and Platinum recordings and performing live concert tours for many years with Gold and Platinum recording artists. The ride has not been an easy one, it has been filled with plenty of heartache, financial un-compensation, disrespect, mental and emotional anxiety, depression for some and other negative energies that make the path quiet challenging if you want to still live a reasonable fulfilling life. On the other hand, there is no greater joy than doing what you most love, and were put here on Earth to do! The amount of profound and infinite joy and pure creative energy rush which you receive from performing music is pure heaven.

The quest for Gold, a Gold Record that is which represents 1 million record sales. This is the upper most, and important goal in a music artist or musicians mind. The Gold Record represents a literal lifetime of secure work as long as you are healthy and of sound mind. To play-perform on a Gold Record as a musician and is also a big boon for both the bank and the ego. For a musician playing with Gold Record Artists is also much desired! This is because of the higher pay scale and work stability. To play on a Gold Record is a lifetime dream for many musicians throughout the world 24/7. It means Fame and fortune literally. It really is your 15 minutes of glory. Some even are lucky enough to perform on more than one or several Gold Recordings.


is a virtual treasure house oftechniques and methods to spark and expand personal creatrivity. It is a grand journey to many levels of creative energy and expression within us.

This work contains many techniques and methods to put us in touch with our creative selves and release the creative energy wellspring within. It can put us in touch with this great power and remove the mysterious component so that we can tap into it when needed, not waiting for inspiration to hit us. it can be used as ar reference guide or as a general workbook. In either case, you will rise to new heights as a creative being, ever showing your light to the world and those around you.


FACT#1 - We all are born with at least one inate gift or unique talent. FACT#2 - Creativity can be developed through specific techniques FACT#3 - When you use creativity, you use more of your mind and potential FACT#4 - When you use creativity, you find more joy and meaning in life FACT#5 - Using your creativity can open you to many opportunities for success and posperity


Newsac Music Publishing - First printing 1983: Second printing 2012

This book is for the musician and/or the music appreciator. It is an historical perspective of the discovery and organization by Newton of the Novaphonic, Quintal-Quartal harmony system and its historical evolution. Newton gives an intimate and dynamic portrait of his moment to moment thoughts and state of mind ultimately leading to his unique musical perspective and presentation of this treasured and mystical musical dimension of sound. Mystical, Metaphysical, and sound physics perspectives are also explored. Several diagrams and charts are included as well as a comprehensive dictionary of chords are included to aid the reader in understanding this innovative and exciting dimension of music harmony and its influence on music art, human consciousness and evolution.

This treasured out of print work was taken from the personal archives of Newton. First printed in 1983, this is a duplicate, scanned file of the original work containing a virtual gold mine of information regarding this highly esoteric topic and innovative thinking of Newton.