Fred Smith : The Estranged Rose

The Estranged Rose

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Arts & Entertainment , Fiction & Literature

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Elmore Leonard, Adam Johnson, David Eggars, Rainbow Rowell

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Publication Date

March 2016



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Placebo Effect is a high school rock band that has never played so much as a note outside of the garage where they rehearse. When their prima donna frontman quits, the group sets their naive sights on a replacement they hope will take them to stardom. Turning to the Internet, the band finds a lead singer with talent, swagger, and a lifetime of rock ’n roll baggage in an aging star hoping for one last chance to set right all the things he let slip during his rise to the top decades earlier.

A coming of age story for all ages, The Estranged Rose calls love and music to centerstage in a way that will leave audiences begging for the house lights to stay down and the show to rock on.

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