Tate Johnston : Short Vowel Sound Bites: Bite Sized Words to Build Confidence

Short Vowel Sound Bites: Bite Sized Words to Build Confidence

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Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton

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Riomo Books - Skills. Confidence. Enjoyment.

Prerequisite: If your child knows their abc's and all the letter sounds, with support, they can begin using phonics to "blend" sounds (put two or more sounds together) into words. (Note: text is lowercase.)

Building Skills: Sound Bites begins sections with "two sound" words, such as up and egg (Notice egg has three letters but only two sounds), and then moves to "three sound" words like pup and big, and then builds to two and three words on a page.

Building Confidence: Sound Bites is designed to help kids Feel Like Champions as they begin to read two and three letter words.

Building Enjoyment: Sound Bites has colorful original illustrations both to support and delight children as they Love Learning to Read!

Made For You & Your Child: Sound Bites is designed for you (parent, carer, teacher, big sister, etc.) to support your learner's journey. Lots of apps can sound out words and reveal letters at a touch, but it's your interaction and support of your unique child which can make all the difference as they gain confidence on their journey learning to read.

You can't be replaced. High five!

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