Suzanne Falter : Surrendering to Joy: My Year of Love, Letting Go and Forgiveness

Surrendering to Joy: My Year of Love, Letting Go and Forgiveness

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Biographies & Memoirs, Self-Improvement

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128 pages




Love & Happiness Publishing

Publication Date

November 13, 2013



About the Book    About the Author

On an August night in San Francisco, a 22-year-old named Teal collapsed from a sudden, unexplainable cardiac arrest. Six days later she died, but not before a spiritual unfolding began that changed the life of her mother forever. These essays – each one a personal touch into the divine – chart her mother’s path as she confronts painful events she’d been holding onto, and opens herself up to more joy than she ever thought possible. A truly inspiring book for anyone who is grief-stricken, facing major shifts in life, or simply looking for more peace and happiness.

Editorial Reviews

"Each piece was so intimate, it felt as if I was having a late-night, fire-side conversation with a dear friend,
over a cup of rich coffee. It pierced me...tearing opening the holes in my own
heart that were, until this moment, neatly covered over... Your writing is a
reminder to embrace all of who I am - surrender to it - and allow myself to
accept and be all of who I authentically am. I'm encouraged that it is
absolutely okay to show up in my life as myself, for I am enough."

-- Cynthia L. Ryals

"It made me cry in a good way."

-- Amanda Maynard

"Surrendering to Joy spoke directly to me. I am not
grieving, but some of the lessons are truly lessons that I am currently going
through right now in my life. The healing I have received from this book is

-- Maryann Candito

"It brought me back in to my heart and inspired me
to ask bigger questions of myself, and of spirit, but without an agenda. I just
felt very open and expansive throughout, in a place of deep peace, calm and

-- Sharon Crawford

"It reminded me that even events we see and feel as
"loss" can bring us more than we thought possible."

-- Victoria Phoenix

"Your book touched my heart. It brought me to deep appreciation
of my own children and relationship … The vulnerability and sharing was

-- Bobbye Middendorf

"This book allowed me to allow in a way all the self-help
stuff I’ve read has not. Its searing honesty has given me a permission toward
Truth I have not had. I am deeply grateful and much more accepting of myself
because of Surrendering to Joy."

-- Susan Putnam

"Grief can be incapacitating, it's wonderful to see
it as a catalyst to even greater things. Thanks, Teal!"

-- Deborah Beatty

"Surrendering to Joy is a powerful reminder me of
the spirit of life written from the depths of the soul."

Scott Garren

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