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Richard Foster, Dan Allender, John Eldredge, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Cahill

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Shane is a Christian 'Anam Cara' (soul friend) / spiritual director, in the Irish tradition, and an ordained Anglican priest. He's worked alongside musicians and creatives within the Art & Entertainment industry, pastorally and professionally, while promoting gigs, running a venue, booking artists and developing his non-profit, Soul Friend. His experience also entails working with youth, young adults and adults within various Christian denominations from mega to country churches. Much of his career has been invested in training, speaking, writing, pastoral care and developing resources. Shane and his family lived in the UK and Ireland for eleven years where he also trained in spiritual direction. Seeing people passionately pursuing the One who passionately pursues them is what excites him most. Shane enjoys helping people discover who they were created to be, and what role God is inviting them to fulfill in this world. He lives south of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, son, two daughters and a very excitable lab.