Samuel Sattin : League of Somebodies

League of Somebodies

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Patrick Ness, Stephen King, Jonathan Lethem, Michael Chabon, M.T. Anderson

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400 pages




Dark Coast Press

Publication Date

April 9, 2013



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"League of Somebodies is so rich with originality that it's actually radioactive. If you captured Owen Meany in a literary time machine and fed him a strict diet of comic books and plutonium, you would come up with a main character a hell of a lot more well-adjusted than Lenard Sikophsky. Read at your own risk and beware: laughter is the first sign of infection."–Mat Johnson, author of Loving Day and Pym

Lenard Sikophsky’s father has been feeding him plutonium since the age of six in the hopes of making him the world’s first bona fide superhero. First, he must pass the unusual tests of manhood locked in the centuries old tomb, The Manaton, a secret relic passed down for generations. Falling in love with the beautiful, compulsively suicidal Laura doesn’t make his life any easier. But with the guidance of the Sikophsky men, an antiquated rulebook, and of course a healthy amount of plutonium, Lenard accepts his fate as an exactor of justice.

One might think that Lenard’s extreme upbringing would encourage a decidedly different style of parenting. And yet, twenty years later, Lenard’s son Nemo is introduced to the same destiny as his father, only this time the violent entity called THEY are in dangerous pursuit. Lenard’s life and the legacy of his family are put to the test when he is forced to defend everything he loves.

League of Somebodies is an ambitious and unique satire of masculinity, a hilarious take on the conventions of the superhero story and a coming of age story unlike any other.

Editorial Reviews

"One of the most important novels of 2013."—POP MATTERS

League of Somebodies is a dazzling investigation into masculinity and hero-making. It’s also a rollicking good time, and his characters—crazy, troubled, hilarious, endearing—are unforgettable.”—CRISTINA GARCIA, author of Dreaming in Cuban

"A smart look at hero-making that's part old-school epic, part coming-of-age tale, and part comedy."—NEW YORK POST

“Sattin is genuinely funny and writes exuberant, engaging prose; the addition of the cheeky and light-hearted send-up of masculinity and its ridiculous tendencies makes League of Somebodies insightfully inquisitive and a pleasure to read.”—PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, STARRED REVIEW

"League of Somebodies is so rich with originality that it's actually radioactive. Read at your own risk and beware: laughter is the first sign of infection."—MAT JOHNSON, author of Loving Day and Pym

"Deliciously bizarre."—LARGE HEARTED BOY

"How to explain this mystic monster League of Somebodies? Part old-school epic, part coming-of-age tale, and part comedy in the spirit of Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein . . . Samuel Sattin is a mad scientist!"—VICTOR LaVALLE, author of The Devil in Silver

“If there was an alternate reality where comics god Jack Kirby taught a postgrad "religion and superfamilies" lecture, this would be Sam Sattin's final paper.”—KOTAKU

“This is a big-bodied, big-hearted novel — a novel about fathers and sons and superheroes and villains; about heredity and hope; about the secret, sometimes awful expectations we have for our offspring and what happens when they inevitably fail to meet them.”—EAST BAY EXPRESS

"Completely original." —COMICVINE

"In our been-there-done-that world, Samuel Sattin has managed to create something new: a graphic novel without the graphics. A superhero story about twisted fathers and frightened sons, betrayals of the heart and home. This non-comic comic-book is a big-themed story-telling bonanza whose major elements are not only thematic, they're
chemical. If you crave a wild and original read, you've come to the right place." —AMANDA STERN, author of The Long Haul

"League of Somebodies reveals something fundamental about humanity: we all wish to
change, to become the most powerful version of ourselves." —LOS ANGELES

"Those of you who are considering poisoning, terrorizing, and forcing their boys to read maniacal misogynistic rantings may want to read League of Somebodies as a cautionary tale. The rest of you, though, will have fun with this satiric American saga of squalid
super-heroics." —CORWIN ERICSON, author of Swell

“A powerful story that examines the age old tale of fathers trying to prepare
their sons for the world, and sometimes irrevocably damaging them in the
process. . . Poignant and funny and rather quite clever.”—SF SIGNAL, 5 of 5 stars, Best of the Year List

"Sattin's first novel is a whirling force that blends the family saga, superhero lore, and a coming of age story to a frothy cocktail. Imagine The Godfather remixed with Chabon's classic Kavalier and Clay." —JOSHUA MOHR, author of All This Life and Damascus

"League of Somebodies is a superhero story the way Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein is a tale of classic horror; It's about super-powers and alter-egos, yes, but underneath the
rollicking adventure and madcap comedy, Sattin has managed to lovingly
de/reconstruct the myth of the uber-masculine superhero." —HEEB MAGAZINE

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