Robert L. Hunton : Gift of the Desert Dog

Gift of the Desert Dog

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A twelve year-old Tohono O'odham boy and his grandfather embark on a hazardous journey across borderland desert to the summit of legendary Baboquivari Peak to seek the spirits of their ancestors. Treacherous mountain passes, ruthless drug smugglers, and the mystery of ancient petroglyphs prove the ultimate test of their dedication to one another on a quest to where I'itoi, the first O'odham, walked Mother Earth.

Continue the Borderlands Trilogy with Secrets of the Medicine Pouch ( and Coyote-meeter's Abyss (

Editorial Reviews

"I am forever in search of stories 'my kids would enjoy reading.' Never have I read such a gripping book. Gift of the Desert Dog left me breathless . . . nodding in awe."

Penny Porter, author of Adobe Secrets, The Keymaker

". . . action we associate with thriller writers like Michael Crichton . . . a flavor of story-telling, narration, and a touch of the archaic that one might find in a native story. Hunton's work is animated and compelling."

Philip Baruth, award-winning commentator, University of Vermont professor, author of The Dream of the White Village

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