Nicolas Wilson : Selected Short Stories Featuring New Corpse Smell

Selected Short Stories Featuring New Corpse Smell

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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This collection includes fifteen stories in a variety of genres. Shades of Cray: The story of the first transracial individual. Leaving Lost Atlantis: A man writes his ex-wife, after discovering what happened to Atlantis.

An Iraqi Christmas Carol: A small group of soldiers and an Iraqi policeman mount a rescue for a kidnapped boy. Quarter: A military team designed for assassinations loses control over one of its members in the middle of a mission. Werehouse: A man trying to help his homeless cousin runs afoul of a society of murderers.

Atlas Dug Up: Two philosophical equals have a love affair that continues after death.

Blood Falls: An expedition to the Antarctic goes south, after a rock wall collapses.

Murder Your Darlings: A writer finds himself convinced one of his characters is trying to kill him, after his loved ones start getting hurt.

Mine: A doctor exacts revenge on a former-General.

Failure Cascade: A ride on a space elevator goes horribly wrong.

Euthanasia: A surgeon gets caught between his oath and his vengeful calling.

Shrink: An executive ponders the consequences of modern business.

Indian Gift: An ex-outlaw is drafted into convincing an Indian to sell his land. Parallel: A professor familiar with inter-dimensional travel tries convincing one of his students to kill another.

New Corpse Smell: Observing decomposition.

Editorial Reviews

“Nicolas Wilson is
an alchemist of short stories, turning the lead of a base idea into
something much more precious - a vision... He possesses a dry wit
that one finds in an accomplished satirist, and many of his stories
dip into samplings of high hyperbolae that only men such as Vonnegut
tap into to exploit the absurd and surreal.”

L. Ivey, Amazon review of Selected Short Stories Featuring
Analog Memory

a world of endless Kindle authors Nic Wilson is a true gem, an
original and professional writer who is well worth your money.”

Diack, Amazon review of Selected Short Stories Featuring
Cinderella Shoes

“The diversity of
his stories is quite stunning, but not as stunning as how
effortlessly he handles each genre.”

Boutros, author of The Guilty, on Selected Short Stories
featuring Ghost Dust

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