Nan McCarthy : Chat: Book One

Chat: Book One

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Computers & Internet , Fiction & Literature

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132 pages




Rainwater Press

Publication Date

April 11, 2014



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In the days before Facebook, Skype, and Twitter…

Two strangers begin a conversation online. It’s 1995, and the Internet is new and uncharted territory. No status updates, no photos, no tweets, no video chats. All they have to share with one another are their words.

Max, a restless advertising copywriter who’s new to the online world, boldly strikes up an email conversation with Bev, a tough-minded book editor who’s been online since the ’80s. With charm, wit, and persistence, Max chips away at Bev’s reluctant façade until the two are sharing secrets they wouldn’t dream of telling anyone in “real life.”

Hailed as “Silicon Valley’s Story of O,” the story of Bev and Max’s relationship gradually becomes more intense, unfolding entirely through their online messages. Since Chat’s first publication in 1995, readers have found themselves unable to resist the temptation to “eavesdrop” on Bev and Max’s increasingly intimate correspondence as she slowly opens up to him and he becomes more fascinated by her.

In this newest edition of her acclaimed Chat, Connect, & Crash series, McCarthy offers up a snapshot of the mid-1990s Internet culture and its changing dynamic of human interaction. As Bev and Max gradually reveal themselves by what they choose to say—and leave unsaid—their seductive, addicting, and all-too-human adventures will draw you from first page to last.

Editorial Reviews

critical praise for the original chat, connect, crash series:

“This is Chekhov for the ’90s: lust, romance, and
adultery, cyber-style.” —Mademoiselle

“Silicon Valley’s Story of O. From the first page, we’re
hooked.” —House Organ: A Magazine of the

“Draws you from page to page. Sequels are on the way, and
I can hardly wait.” —The New York Times

“You won’t need a modem to appreciate the charm of this
virtual romance.” —Glamour

“[Bev and Max’s] mingling is electric.” —Washington Post Book World

“A hip look at the Internet cyberculture and how it has
changed the dynamic of present-day relationships.” —The Review Zone

“Fully drawn, believable characters. There’s a very warm
body at the end of each cold computer connection.” —The Orange County Register

“A lively, free-flowing, spontaneous outburst of
curiosity, anxiety and hope.” —Syracuse

“A love story that is completely modern, full of passion,
wit and fun.” —Central PA Magazine

“[McCarthy] gives the
headstrong-girl-meets-self-sufficient-boy story a refreshing twist.” —Publishers Weekly

“So authentic—down to the convoluted stumbling that takes
place in cyber-relationships—that it’s unexpectedly entertaining.” —St. Louis Post Dispatch

“McCarthy has brought 18th-century epistolary
novels into modern times.” —Atlanta
Journal Constitution

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