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Nan McCarthy is the author of the email epistolary novels Chat, Connect, & Crash, the memoir Live ‘Til I Die, and the computer book Quark Design. A former magazine editor and technology writer, Nan founded Rainwater Press in 1992 and was an early pioneer of today’s indie-author movement.

Nan wrote Chat, the first full-length epistolary novel told entirely through email, in 1995. After receiving dozens of rejections from traditional publishers, Nan self-published 2,500 print copies of Chat and began selling the book via her website, placing her among the earliest authors to sell her work online directly to readers.

She wrote and self-published the second book in the series, Connect, in 1996, and as word about the books spread, Nan began receiving write-ups in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Publishers Weekly, Glamour, Mademoiselle, and People. Meanwhile, she sold translation rights to the books to publishers in Taiwan, Korea, and Spain.

After completing the third book in the series, Crash, in 1997, Nan was approached by a New York literary agent who offered representation and sold Chat, Connect, & Crash to Simon & Schuster (one of the same publishers who’d rejected Chat two years previously). In 1998 Simon & Schuster published the trilogy in trade paperback, with additional foreign rights sold to publishers in Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The ebook editons of Chat, Connect, & Crash were released in early 1999, selling via online bookstores until 2012 when Nan acquired the publishing rights back from Simon & Schuster. In 2014 Nan released new ebook editions of the series featuring the original, never-before-published ending to Crash (which had been changed for the Simon & Schuster edition). Once again published independently under her own Rainwater Press imprint, the books have come full circle with the new editions now available in ebook format on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Meanwhile, Nan is working on a new novel. She and her husband, a veteran who served 29 years in the Marine Corps, are the proud parents of two adult sons. Originally from Chicago, Nan & her husband currently live in the Kansas City area.