J. Aleksandr Wootton : Her Unwelcome Inheritance

Her Unwelcome Inheritance

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Diana Wynne Jones, C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll

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Print Length

240 pages





Publication Date

30 July 2012



About the Book    About the Author

Petra Godfellow is ready - a little nervous, but ready - to grow up and leave home. She doesn't know the family secret - about the man who loved her mother, who never could accept that it was over between them...

....who's crazy enough to believe that he's the king of Faerie.

As Petra begins her first semester at Lightfoot College, she'll be forced to navigate her own doubts when people she respects reveal their beliefs in the absurd and impossible. She'll be stalked by the supernatural, asked to bargain with unfriendly powers for the fate of another world.

And it's not just her future that's in danger - it's her mother, her aunt, her best friend - and thousands of refugees from a centuries-old civil war in Faerie who are tired of staying in hiding...

Editorial Reviews

"Pure magic. Like a modern Alice in Wonderland with a touch of Narnia."

--Disincentive Reviews

"Pulled me right in. It's tough to find good fantasy [novels], that have that delicious thrill, that remind you of why you started reading fantasy in the first place. Her Unwelcome Inheritance is one of them."

--Masha du Toit, author of The Story Trap

"A cheeky wink at literature lovers, Petra Godfellow's story has the potential to become a modern classic."

--Rabid Readers Too

"Wootton borrows the whimsical and kooky style of Lewis Carroll, the poetic style of William Butler Yeats, and the dark and brooding style of Bram Stoker."

--Magnolia Blossom Review

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