Mathew B. Sims : A Household Gospel Audiobook

A Household Gospel Audiobook

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September 17, 2013



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In Scripture, parents are instructed to teach their kids how to love God and saturate their home with the gospel (Deut 4:9, 6:1-7; Eph 6:104). Husbands and wives are commanded to mirror Jesus in their marriages (Eph 5:22-33). We understand these commands in light of the gospel—in light of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4:6). Jesus is the hero of our families.

That’s what A Household Gospel is about. It’s ordinary means rooted in an extraordinary gospel. It’s about starting the great commission in our homes. It’s about rehearsing the gospel story when we sit to eat, lay down to sleep, rise up in the morning, and everywhere in between.

Editorial Reviews

“There is no greater context for discipleship than the home. This is a truth that many embrace, but few know how to live out. In a deeply personal and refreshingly helpful way, Mathew Sims reminds us that the
gospel alone transforms our families.” Brandon Smith, Director of Gospel-Centered Discipleship and Associate Editor at The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

“Before you is a collection of our crucified carpenter King’s tools. You find
the building of your family's house on Christ the rock handily aided by
it.” Evan Welcher, Senior Pastor, 1st Christian Church

“In A Household Gospel, Mathew guides readers through the nuts and bolts of 'gospeling' your family well. He writes with an honesty that lets you
know he's lived what he talks about and isn't just offering theoretical
advice. He also presents his points with clarity and points readers
toward putting what they've read into practice. If you're looking for an
introductory work on applying the gospel in your home, this is the book
for you.” Nate Claiborne, Bible Teacher, International Community School, Winter Park, Florida

Household Gospel
is entirely practical, immensely convicting, and
written concisely through the lens of the gospel narrative. As a husband, a father, and a leader, Mathew addresses the weight and beauty
of God’s will for our families.” Josh Gadsby, Christian, Husband, Father, and Missions Enthusiast

“Mathew Sims does an superb job in A Household Gospel explaining chapter
through chapter the depths and heights of the redemption story and love
we have been shown in Christ. Even as a single, I can’t recommend this
one more and extol how it surely benefits my own life. Christian
families: this one is a must!” John Paul Ortiz, Singer/Songwriter for “Love Me Last”

A Household Gospel is what every household needs. Though the book applies to the whole family, Mathew primarily speaks to men as leaders of their
families as he seamlessly works from the gospel message to gospel
application in our homes. Sims is honest about his failures in a way
that is encouraging. He is hopeful and helpful in his presentation of
how the gospel is to shape and direct our homes. This is fresh air by a
fresh voice.” Craig Hurst, Husband, Father, and Blogger

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