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Madeline Sloane is a writer with more than a dozen published books, including several contemporary romance novels.

Madeline lives in the highlands of Northcentral Pennsylvania, along a peaceful river, with her husband. She is a full-time writer and part-time college instructor. She and her husband enjoy traveling to the U.K. and Europe, and spend much of their time abroad in ruins, castles, cathedrals and museums. She particularly enjoys crypts with mummies, musty libraries and authentic pubs. In the U.S., they bounce along the East Coast, traveling from New York to Florida to visit family and friends. Madeline's books include elements of her passions: travel, boating, history and archaeology.

The characters are generally from idyllic Eaton, a fictitious town in Pennsylvania she has invented, although most of her books also feature exciting and exotic cities the heroines (and their lovers) visit during the course of their romantic journey. She invites you to travel with the women and men of Eaton as they explore the world, and themselves, in the Eaton Romance Series.

You can find "Distracted," "East of Eaton," "West Wind" on all major online booksellers, as well as "Women of Eaton Trilogy," which contains all three in one convenient book. Her second trilogy, "Secrets of Eaton," contains the romance novels "Consequence," "Incandescent" and "Dead Line." Then look for the next three in the "Mysteries of Eaton," containing "Charnel House," "Well of the Dead" and "Skinterns."