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Young adult, Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate, Bella Forrest

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Lori was born a few decades ago in a little town between Italy and Slovenia. At a very young age she realizes that drawing would be part of her future. She starts when she is in kindergarten when, to hide from the other children, she takes refuge in papers and pastels. During primary school her "mental disorders" begin and her first imaginary friend appears: a six feet tall female cat with human features. Perhaps it is from that very moment that she envisages the existence of other worlds. Between her bicycle/horse, her incessant desire to fly (which drives her to strange almost fatal attempts) and afternoons spent in front of the TV watching magicians, years pass.

Fascinated by sirens, fairies and children that never grow up, she enrolls at the School of Art where she unleashes her creativity. Indeed it is in those years that born from her passion for manga and souls, Saira comes to life and whose portraits are seen in every corner of a book or notebook. Firmly believing she is going to become a professional mangaka in the future (and let's face it, she was starting to show the first signs of mental imbalance linked to the "Japanophile" world), day and night she continues practicing the noble art of drawing. After the first disappointments in work and love, she moves to the pleasant province of Treviso, where she replaces free-hand drawing for graphic design, and throws herself into the "magic" universe of work. As years go by, TRI becomes a recurring thought and around 2010, between theater lessons, creative writing and holistic seminars, the book starts to take shape. Through these initial attempts which started as a game, her passion for writing comes to life, growing through time until today...