Lancelot Schaubert : The Grounded Transfer Student

The Grounded Transfer Student

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A high school teacher doesn’t know what to do when she meets The Grounded Transfer Student sitting in her class. This cute Czech teenager has transferred in from some other school and he’d fit in fine… if it weren’t for the wings on his back. As a literary fantasy, The Grounded Transfer Student embodies both the tone and tenor of the rest of Lance's work.

Originally, this story appeared in the compilation Seven Seemingly Unconnected Stories. In that volume I wanted to collect some stories for my readership, but realized halfway through a deep, hidden connection between them. Read the other stories, find the connection, email me the solution at and I’ll make it worth your while. And by that I mean a prize. The stories are Cast, That Wooed The Slimy Bottom of the Deep, The Things We Carry, The Dust-Cloaked Weaver, The Grounded Transfer Student, Renew Their Strength, and Pigment. All are available here on Noisetrade.

Lancelot Schaubert is a Brooklyn-based author of stories, non-fiction, screenplays, and poetry. He has sold his work to markets like McSweeney’s, The 2016 Poet’s Market, Poker Pro, Brink Magazine, Encounter, and RLC (among others). He is currently submitting his first publishable novel. Along with his spaniel “Echo” and the grooviest bride in the world, Tara, he tries to love his neighbors and enemies.

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