Lancelot Schaubert : 7 Seemingly Unconnected Stories

7 Seemingly Unconnected Stories

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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fantasy, comics, literary, philosophy, scifi

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Inside this Noisetrade-exclusive short story collection, I have assembled seven stories that appear unconnected on the surface, but are as intimately connected as any seven stories could be. I’m challenging you to find the connection in order to win a rather unique prize. This book debuts two literary stories, one mystery, three fantasies, and a scifi.

Your job, as the reader, is to first enjoy these seven stories and then, if you’re the treasure-hunting type, figure out why and how they are connected. You must dig for the connection. I will give each reader one (1) guess and the first person to correctly guess the reason for this interconnectedness will win a prize directly related to the answer. Once you have formulated an educated guess, feel free to email your answer to

Godspeed and happy hunting…

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