Kevin Rhodes : Running For My Life:  When Impossible is the Only Option

Running For My Life: When Impossible is the Only Option

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This book is for people who live with fire and focus. Athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, artists… whatever our sphere, we take life’s extreme and impossible challenges head on. We need a strong inner game to do that. This book guides us to the core source of our greatest power: personal ethos, that inner life that makes us uniquely who we are and defines what we will do, impossible or not.

This book comes at you in waves. The first is the inspiring story of man dealing with a diagnosis of primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis -- a chronic, degenerative, incurable, and untreatable neuro-muscular condition. He does so with an aggressive regime of exercise and diet, and an inner game to match.

His inner game takes us to the frontiers of neuroscience, where we learn how we can nurture and re-pattern our brains, and thus our minds and bodies, to heal themselves and bring us to our highest performing selves. Along the way, it taps sports and performance psychology and other principles of personal growth and development, relentlessly challenging us to examine our beliefs about how life works, our customary assumptions and perceptions, our habitual ways of thinking, believing, and acting. And it pushes aside our judgments about our limitations -- what is and isn’t possible for us, and for the human race.

From there, the book turns us increasingly inward, into the realms of personal awareness, consciousness, awakening, creativity… even mystery and eternity. It invites us to combine contemplation with action, to create lives as “mystics in motion”: high performing “life athletes” living from our most essential and powerful selves. Using Zen-like “koans,” it opens the way to a life practice of personal ethos: the core expression of that internal spark of life in each of us that we can tap to reach our greatest accomplishments, peace of mind, and zest for life.

It does all that with prose that pops. The book is easy to read and often quotable; the words sometimes carry you along and sometimes stop you in your tracks, its twists of phrase and bursts of insight often surprising and funny. You can’t just read this book, you have to engage with its ongoing invitation to wrestle its content into a shape that works for you -- built around what you believe, and mostly, “what you will do” -- the ultimate lesson of personal ethos.

Yes, that sounds ambitious, but Kevin Rhodes is on a passionate mission to live to the fullest, and would love for as many of us who are willing to come along and find our own way, as he has found his. There’s no preaching or lecturing here, nothing stuffy, dogmatic, or pedantic, only a vigorous, relentlessly honest, and joyful exploration of what it means to be fully alive and fully human.

Editorial Reviews

"Running For My Life is a unique and thought provoking read. On the surface it is a story about a man with primary progressive MS reshaping his life through a strict diet and extreme exercise regimen. However, if you take the time to explore the pages, you will find that it is really a story about Kevin and about yourself. This book invites you to take a look inwards at your own limitations, and then holds your hand as you figure out how to push past them together. Kevin’s extreme lifestyle is not for everyone, and he knows this. Instead his goal is to give you the tools you need to set your own goals, and to achieve them. Enjoy the journey, I know I did. "

Stephanie Boexhoveden. Enjoy her marvelous blog, Just Keep S’Myelin (“The perspectives of an MS nurse who just so happens to have MS herself”) and TEDx talk “Thriving in the Face of Adversity” about her life with MS.

"Kevin Rhodes has opened my heart to a limitless paradigm of possibility! I am in awe of the courage, tenacity, patience, persistence, grit, grace and playful spirit with which Kevin stares into the face of impossible odds and rigorously tests them to see what is true. With this groundbreaking work Kevin has single handedly shattered the concept of impossibility and has inspired me to accept his powerful invitation and join him in gliding through life's most significant challenges in search for what is actually possible. I am forever grateful for his example and his priceless passages of practical and applicable wisdom. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in his book and join Kevin in the practice of challenging the impossible and doing the unthinkable."

Jim M. Anderson, management and personal transformation coach, and author of How To Find A Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud.

"Wow! This book is so packed, so deep, so profound! The discussion of magic, ethos, incarnation, immanence, the impossible, drew me along, made me feel I was moving with the narrative, discovery by discovery. Rather than reading the book in big chunks, you could read it a piece at time, each piece worthy of contemplation. I would love to see this adapted to become a daily reader, so the reader could contemplate and reflect on the reading throughout the day. I love the style -- I twist and turn with both the thinking
and the prose."

George Nagel, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and cofounder of the Critical Thinking Institute at Ferris State University

"Kevinus Impossibilious, man's next evolutionary step, has arrived. Unrestrained by simulated physical, political and societal limits, Kevin Rhodes opens a window on what's possible in Running For My Life. Can someone seem to run in place, yet cover miles? Yes, and Kevin leads the way, by sharing his story of an experimental life – one in which every new challenge is simply the daily grist. Kevin’s warning – don’t let a false faith lead to a false fate – should be taken to heart by all those who find themselves constrained by the phony dichotomy of what’s possible and what's not."

Ron Sandgrund, trial attorney, law professor, and legal and short story writer

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