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thriller, horror, sci-fi, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, Jodi Picoult

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Will Frederick abandon his beloved grandson and follow our creators to save the human kind?

"... We blurred our tracks, but you’ve still guessed that in addition to the people settling on the fertile lands—trying to grow wild plants that now you can modify genetically, breeding wild animals that today are domesticated—there must have been somebody else. Something that prompted them to stop wandering, living by foraging and hunting. You say the reason was climate change, or favourable local conditions, but none of this provides a satisfactory, complete explanation. You still lack some link, you say to yourselves. You look for it, you have hypotheses. And you’re right, you are missing certain information. There was something else—us, the highest caste. Naklah.

To this day, you subconsciously realize that we exist, that there is Naklah. You see Naklah in your dreams, the word Naklah sounds familiar—and Alexander draws Naklah. You know our language, given to you by us, imprinted in your genes. You can’t speak it, but when you hear it, you understand..."

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