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With an MBA in finance and a broad knowledge of many subjects, Jennifer claims expertise in none. In 2005, after more than 13 years of working in the fast-paced financial services sector, she decided it was time for a radical change and moved across the country from Boston, Massachusetts, to Portland, Oregon.

Jennifer considers herself a perpetual student of life, and strives to continually learn new things and push through the boundaries of her personal comfort zone.

Between 2005 and 2012, Jennifer studied, and actively practiced, several alternative healing modalities including Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Gemstone Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, and, in 2009, obtained her 250 hour yoga teacher certification. She currently manages the operations of a company that sells therapeutic gemstones for healing and serves on the board of directors for Heart of Ganesh, a Washington-based nonprofit that educates and empowers people to make compassionate choices for the well-being of elephants around the world.

She is co-creator of the quirky and clever Columbia River Tunnel Permit sticker that decorates cars up and down the Columbia River. Jennifer has given up teaching yoga and energy healing in order to become, as her Guru says, a perfect student first. She focuses on her own sadhana, or regular spiritual practice, instead.

Jennifer has been a volunteer writer for Positive News (US Edition) and written several blogs over the years. She released her first e-Book, Thoughts on Life, Random and Otherwise, in November 2014.

You can check out her blog on the Columbia River Gorge at