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Jeff M. Miller is an author, minister, blogger, speaker, and financial coach who lives in North Texas with his wife, three children, three felines, and several Apple devices. He helps ordinary people who are stuck in a rut change their behaviors so they can be extraordinary.

Jeff's goal is to help you upgrade your life by sharing tips and ideas not only from his own brain, but from people far more intelligent and experienced as well.

Over the years, Jeff has been able to pursue many different vocations and interests. He's traveled the country in music groups, been a school teacher in Alaska and South Carolina, a professional musician, a full-time minister, a long-time blogger, a graphic designer, a virtual assistant, an author, an entrepreneur, a financial coach, an audio engineer, and much more.

He calls himself husband, father, and friend. He's been lazy, motivated, focused, depressed, sick, angry, joyful, a failure, and a success. All those experiences have molded him into who he is today.

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