Jean Paul Zogby : The Power of Time Perception

The Power of Time Perception

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Time Lighthouse Publishing

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31 March 2017



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Wondering how time flies? Want to slow it down?

Live the Longest Year of Your Life & Make Every Second Count!

With the latest in brain science, discover how to stretch the good times and fast forward through the bad ones. Understand how your brain perceives time, why it speeds up, and how to make the most of it!

"This is Psychology, Neuroscience, and Self Help material, all rolled into one!"- Psychology Corner

PLUS you will get FREE instant access to:

  1. The Online Speed of Time Test that measures how fast time runs in your mind
  2. A copy of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Brain Diet, to maintain an alert brain capable of slowing down time.

Ready to Live the Longest Year of Your Life?

With The Power of Time Perception, Now You Can!

<strong style="font-size: 14.4px;">You can also measure the Speed of Time in your brain with this online test.

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Editorial Reviews

Midwest Book Review

Many books discuss time management; but few discuss the nature of the time being managed, or the mechanics of how to alter it. Fewer yet include a range of psychological reflections for introverts and extroverts alike, discussions of personal choices in how to spend time, or tips on how to handle memories and aging brains that perceive time as 'slipping away'.

Readers who anticipate a self-help approach or time management guide alone may be surprised and initially stymied by the healthy dose of supporting science and psychology behind these suggestions; but given how many lighter (and less informative) approaches are on the market, it's pleasing to finally see a book that intermingles self-help with science and delves into specifics at points where too many others would generalize. The result is no light discussion, but an in-depth read that pairs insights on evolutionary processes and the latest research with pointers on how readers can make the most out of time.

This book is the 'next level' in time management that many have been looking for: a concrete approach that pairs insights on time perception with tips on how to alter and better handle time's challenges. - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Readers' Favorite ReviewsThe Power of Time Perception by Jean Paul Zogby is an extremely thought-provoking and, in some ways, startling book about the fundamental nature and reality of time. I loved reading The Power of Time Perception and, in fact, there is so much information to take in and ponder over that I would probably re-read certain sections again. I was very surprised to realize how much we take time for granted and think of it as a fundamental aspect of reality when, in fact, it may or may not be so. But what Jean Paul shows through this book is that one can learn to make every second count when needed and, basically, make the most of the life that is given.

I also loved hearing about the research conducted in the neurological and scientific fields presented in this book. I could then apply this new knowledge to the metaphysical questions regarding time and everything made more sense. A very well researched book that I would highly recommend! -- Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

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