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Life is not the number of days you live, but the number of days your remember.

It is truly a miracle that we are here! The odds that we are alive at this moment in time are one in a billion zillion. But we made it, and against staggering odds. How can we make the most of our time? How can we live our life and be satisfied it was time well spent?

Jean Paul's current passion is to help people understand our priceless time, why it speeds up as we grow older, and how to slow it down to make the most of it.

With the last 6 years spent researching Time Perception in the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology, he is passionate about sharing what science has to say about our experience of time and ways to make every second count.

When not writing, Jean Paul composes soundtrack music for film, does research in astrophysics, and enjoys exploring the world.