Jeanne DeTellis : A Stubborn Hope

A Stubborn Hope

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231 pages




Presidents Publishing

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English Language first edition (May 1, 1996)



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"Your baby's dead," the nurse responded with a detached professional gaze. My heart wrenched at her words. Obviously, the needle that had been inserted at the time of the inter-uterine blood transfusion had hit Betty Jean in the wrong place and killed her. Mustering my courage, I lifted my chin and asked, "Can I sing a song?" "Sure. Whatever you want."

In a halting voice, I sang out: "Keep praising the Lord, when the skies above are grey. Keep praising the Lord, for the answer's on the way. Do not despair, for the Lord will answer prayer. For those who endure, the victory is sure. Keep praising the Lord...." Over and over I repeated the words until they became like a balm of healing ointment to my broken heart.

This is one of the many storms Jeanne DeTellis weathers as she learns how to turn to God to heal her disappointments. In the end, as she allows her roots to grow deeper in Him, she discovers that her suffering helped her to bond with the people God called her to serve on the mission field. She also discovers a hope that will never disappoint - a hope that God pours into her heart by the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

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