Jamie Le Fay : Beginnings: Ahe'ey, Episode 1

Beginnings: Ahe'ey, Episode 1

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Marion Zimmer-Bradley, J.R.R. Tolkien, Veronica Roth, Jane Austen, Ray Bradbury

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Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover. She is a feisty, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities. Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination. Sounds like a dream, but it may, in fact, turn into a nightmare.

The world of the Ahe'ey challenges and subverts her views about gender, genes, and nature versus nurture.

The strong and uninvited chemistry with the dashing Gabriel make matters even more complicated. His stunning looks keep short-circuiting her rational mind.

Quotes - Episode 1:

"She believed in magic—the magic of places, the magic of people, the magic of coincidences, serendipity, and fortune. She enjoyed wandering through the world with the open mind and curiosity of a four-year-old child. In her world the mystical, mythical, and magical inhabited the same space and time as the ordinary and the practical. At Bethesda Terrace, she always felt close to a source of magic and creativity. It was as if she was tapping into the place where dragons, angels, gods, sorceresses, and demons came to life."

"the pursuit and preservation of purity can drive prejudice and hate. Many crimes against humanity have been committed in its name. Purity is best applied to water.”

“Like the bronze statue of the Angel of the Waters, those who pursue perfection find themselves paralysed by the possibility of flaw, fault or failure.”

"She killed him instantly. She dipped her hand on his wound and licked the blood. Once again, she sank her hand into the blood and used four fingers to paint lines on her face. Sky's defiant eyes locked on her enemy."

"Away from the Sacred House, from his family, and from the comforts and privileges of the royal apparatus, the boy relied only on himself and on the few Ange’el that watched over them. The densest and most remote valley of the Ahe’ey forest was now their home—a haven from the devastating war that ravaged the land."

Editorial Reviews

Series praise:

"Packed with invigorating ideas and prose, Le Fay’s novel is a nuanced exploration of feminism and its potential—for good or ill. A finely grained achievement that challenges the status quo on all fronts." - Kirkus reviews

"If it's cross-genre reading you seek, with vivid protagonists and unexpected involvements, then Ahe'ey is the item of choice, recommended for its fast-paced action, super-charged fantasy, and memorable protagonists." - Midwest book review

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