Jackie L.P. Schickling : Hunting The Howl

Hunting The Howl

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Fantasy Fiction, James A. Hetley, Karen Chance, Ilona Andrews

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Jackie L.P. Schickling

Publication Date

July 2015



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Sixteen people have mysteriously gone missing in the deep Pennsylvania woods. The locals believe them to be victims of wild animals, but there are those unfortunate few who have looked into the shadows and know better.

Crass monster hunter Enid Tolbert and her unusual partner, sometimes boyfriend, Creed Marsden are among those few. Sent out to the icy woods, their mission is to stalk a screeching nightmare created through cannibalistic artifice, and the only way to slay it is a burning shot to the heart. Those who hear its howl suffer agony, and the closer they get to their mark, the worse the danger. If Enid can’t get close enough to shoot it, they’ll end up as the monster’s next meal.

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