Gavin Ough : Time To Turn Back

Time To Turn Back

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Jenny Colgan, Trisha Ashley, Sophie Kinsella

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Gavin Ough



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When Kat Fitsimmons finds the grandfather who raised her has passed away in his comfortable chair, her world is thrown into chaos. Far from the kind, gentle and loving man she knew, Kat's grandfather looked to have had a secret affair in his late teens, an affair that produced an illegitimate child.Dimitri Volustova is the direct descendant of Donald Fitsimmons' affair with a Russian girl who had been. He's also a ruthless, violent killer who thinks Kat knows the whereabouts of a priceless necklace his grandmother asked Donald to keep safe.Xander Michaels, troubled, dark and sexy might just be able to uncover the truth regarding all of Kat's questions. But his help comes at an odd and unexpected price as he can see into the past.With Dimitri and his immense bodyguard, Ivan, after her blood and Xander's ability coming between them, what possible chance does Kat have to save her life and get rid of the Russian mobster?Find out in book one of the Timesketch Chronicles

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