E.M. Thomas : The Bulls of War

The Bulls of War

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In the ancient land of Andervold, the Rokhish Empire maintains a fragile truce with hated Valogar. The tenuous state of affairs has split the Imperial Capital into hostile power-brokering factions: the Sudos fight to keep the peace, while the Nortics seek renewed battle at any cost. From the highest minister to the lowest merchant, everyone has to pick a side eventually.

Kyrus and his lifelong friend Tyghus learn this lesson the hard way. Although veterans of battlefields a thousand miles south, the men are no match for the Capital’s ruthless statesmen, and they unwittingly find themselves on opposite sides of the factional divide. Tensions rise, loyalties fray, and hearts are broken, all as words of peace are increasingly drowned out by the drumbeats of war. As the men grasp at the remnants of their fleeting friendship, the Empire lurches toward a conflict that could tear it apart.

The Bulls of War is Book I of the Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones, a sweeping tale of love and war, honor and betrayal, life and death, set in an empire whose glory days seem long past.

Editorial Reviews

"4/5 stars: The characters are ones that you want to know more about... and there is plenty going on throughout the plot to keep readers
interested. With a whole bunch of action, a decent amount of romance, and
plenty of other things as well, it's a book I would recommend... Overall,
really good." - Readers' Favorite

“This epic novel is the stuff of dreams of past times and Thomas delivers it in a realistic, raw, grand manner.” – Amazon Reader Review

“At times we get lost in the names and places – but try watching Game of Thrones: Thomas’ tale makes more sense, is easier to follow,
and has more inherent depth.” – Amazon Reader Review

“The characters were deep and well written.” – Amazon Reader

“He has created an entire world on the scale of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.” – Amazon Reader Review

“The Bulls of War is an intense book based on war. In fact
the war scene dominates everything else and so a person must be prepared for it
before buying the book.” – Amazon Reader Review

“I can’t wait to read the next instalment of this gripping
saga.” – Amazon Reader Review

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