Elizabeth Barone : "The Santa Pact"

"The Santa Pact"

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Children & Teens, Romance

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J.C. Hannigan, Molli Moran, Tarryn Fisher, Jenn Ashworth, Jay Asher

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Maietta Ink

Publication Date

December 27th, 2013



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Will Christmas be crazy, too?

All Quinn wants for Christmas is quiet. She can't afford a tree, and she doesn't have any family to celebrate—except for Tara, the little sister she inherited from her mother. She especially doesn't want to have anything to do with Morgan, the guy across the hall who broke her heart. But when Quinn finds out that Tara still believes in Santa, she must put aside her feelings for Morgan long enough to make a little Christmas magic. The only problem is, he keeps finding ways to make her crazy. Can she get through the holidays without getting her heart broken?

"The Santa Pact" is a short story taking place directly after the novel Crazy Comes in Threes. Learn more at elizabethbarone.net.

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