Dylan Keefer : The Blood Princess: Episode One (The Blood Rite Saga) A Vampire Dark Fantasy Novel

The Blood Princess: Episode One (The Blood Rite Saga) A Vampire Dark Fantasy Novel

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Purple Press LLC

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December 25, 2016



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Prudence awakens in a tomb with no memory of who she is or how she got there. After she escapes she is injured in a car accident which ignites a lust for blood in her. When she is saved by a woman called Charlotte, she learns the truth. She is a half vampire. As Prudence works to uncover her past, she struggles with her urges. Can she overcome her dark side? Will she remember her past?

She searches for answers to her hellish flashbacks from her past that continue to haunt her present. She encounters threats from all around her and from within herself. She struggles to get a grip on her reality and plummets into self destruction. With each question she answers she gets closer to the truth, but will she regret what she learns?


Her heart was beating so fast she thought it was going to jump out of her chest. Flashes of brick walls and floorboards mixed with the blind spots in her vision. She struggled to move her limp body across the bloody wooden floor. The stench of death loomed over her. The pain in her broken leg bones shot up her body like electricity every time she moved. Her surroundings were blurry. The spots were getting bigger. There was tightness in her chest. A figure stood over her and stretched out a hand. She screamed.

Her eyes opened and her body involuntarily shot up. She hit her head almost immediately. She was shoved back down from the impact, hitting the back of her head. She opened her eyes. Darkness was all she could see, and pain spread around her skull. She was lightheaded. The air around her was heavy and thick when she inhaled. It made her feel like she was suffocating. She tried to push whatever was on top of her out of the way. When she put her hands in front of her all she felt was stone. She checked all around her, touching the walls on both sides and the one she was laying on. She was trapped, lying in a stone prison.

She started slamming her fists against the stone on top of her. Her hoarse voice ripped out of her throat, causing her pain. She screamed for help until her throat felt filled with broken glass. She couldn't breathe. Her whole body shook. She needed to get out of there. There was no air, no light, no nothing. A faint cracking noise sounded. Her hand rammed through the stone, breaking it into a thousand pieces.

A gust of air shoved its way in. It calmed her a little. Only faint light streamed down from the medium sized hole at around head level. She reached up, breaking the cracked pieces of stone around the hole, worming her way out. The light was blinding.

She inhaled as deep as she could despite the fact the air felt like ice shards stabbing her lungs. She was afraid it was going to escape from her again. Scrambling out of the stone box she sat down on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest, shivering. Her mind was swirling around and around. When she closed her eyes all she could see were the bloody floorboards and the shadowy figure.

She sat there, rocking back and forth until she was no longer shaking and her breath was steady. Her eyes were now somewhat used to the light, and the only thing that hurt was her slowly swelling hand. She looked around.

There were several stone coffins on slabs all around. She was in a mausoleum. She looked down to the one she had burst from. The lid was in pieces, as well some of the sides. But the first name was still legible. Prudence.

No, no, no. I'm not dead. She felt her heart speed up again. She was out of breath as flashes of a knife holding hand filled her mind. Then she was back on that floor, heart in her throat, desperately trying to get away. Need to get out. Need to run.

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