Denton Coleman : Inner alchemy through Tantric relationship

Inner alchemy through Tantric relationship

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July 19, 2016



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This text was put together in a humble attempt to offer the reader a concise exploration and analysis of the system of Tantra and loving relationship. While I avoid the rites of High Tantra in this work, I do cover much of the esoteric symbology that is relevant and fitting for the provision of an accessible understanding of sexual alchemy. The e-book primarily revolves around the healing and evolutive benefits that can be obtained from committed relationship and loving intercourse. Also themed is the reestablishment of the Divine Feminine upon the planet and the further unfolding of unconditional love. A discussion of some of the metaphysical mechanisms underlying intimacy initiates the text, which is followed by an exploration of Egyptian and Taoist understandings of sexology. Next, the method of Karezza is covered and then the book concludes with an examination of human sexuality aided by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

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