Diane Lee : Love & Other Stuff: 20 Favourite Essays

Love & Other Stuff: 20 Favourite Essays

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I spent much of 2015 publishing the Love & Other Stuff series: six books in all, spanning the years 2006-2014. Six books that tell a story about me and my life with all its joy, sorrow, failures, successes and achievements. They are six books that I’m super proud of and as a legacy item, my daughter and her children and their children will never wonder who I was.

While I was compiling these books, I noticed that there some posts—essays, if you will—that I felt stood out more than others. Everyone who read them said they were awesome. These essays are brave, honest and raw: and some of my best writing. To paraphrase Cheryl Strayed (one of my favourite authors), when I wrote these particular essays, I wrote like a motherfucker.

Reading back, I am struck by how much emotion I have poured into the pieces that make up this essay collection. Some of them were written when I was heartbroken, lost and trying to navigate my way through one of many of life’s mazes. Some are odes to survival. Others are prayers to a future that has not, and may not, arrive. Still others just tell it like it is.

I wanted to share these essays with you as an exclusive introduction to my writing. It is my hope that you will like what you’ve read and seek out and buy my other books, or follow my blog The Diane Lee Project or join my mailing list.

I won’t bore you will all those details now. All that information is at the end of the book.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy my essays.

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