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Hack the Music Business

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February 2015



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This is the best time in the history of the music industry to be a musician. For the first time, musicians can build their own career as entrepreneurs. Get an easy to understand overview of touring, distribution, sponsorships, content marketing and publishing while also learning actionable strategies used by many successful indie musicians. If you’re an aspiring musician, songwriter, producer, DJ, or manager and want to build a sustainable income around your music, you need to take the next step and hack the music business.

Dave Kusek, who co-wrote The Future of Music book and started a new era of music education with Berklee Online, brings his 20+ years of experience with indie musicians to help you build a successful career in the music business of today.

  • Run your music business like a startup.
  • Develop goals and a path to get there.
  • Learn proven ways to promote your music.
  • Learn how to engage directly with your fans.
  • Get more gigs, get more people to your shows, and tour in new cities.
  • Record and release your music without a record label.
  • Understand music copyrights - the foundation of your music career.
  • Incorporate music publishing and licensing into your strategy.

If you want to build a sustainable income around your music you must start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur, and that is exactly what this book will help you to do. Take the next step in your music career and hack the music business.


Editorial Reviews

Dave does an excellent job in giving the reader an overview of today's ... 5.0 out of 5 stars

By Yannick
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This book is a MUST for all those in the music industry: artists, managers, music venues owners, producers, etc.

Dave does an excellent job in giving the reader an overview of today's music industry. How it has changed compared to the past. What are the things to keep in mind when entering the market and why, today, nowadays, musicians should start thinking like entrepreneurs. Whether you have been in business for years or you are about to launch your music career, in "Hack the Music Business" you will find case studies and useful advice for topics like building a musician business, recording, marketing and copyrights.

Can't recommend it highly enough, what a great book!

Definitely recommend it.... 5.0 out of 5 stars

By Lindsay
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I bought this for my son who is playing in two bands and working and going to school. He has always wanted to have a career in music although we have asked him to focus on his degree and keep music as a serious passion until he graduates. This book has a lot of great tips that I know he can use, and have been very helpful to me as well. I especially like the 10 keys to success. The case studies on Karmin and Amanda Palmer are also helpful, as we are trying to find ways to break thru on an independent level with the CDs that he has recorded and fund new projects without tapping the bank account. I especially like the team building advice of surrounding yourself with people who have different talents and skills so as a team you can achieve more. Great stuff. Definitely recommend it.

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