Dave Bakers : Gamers Con: The First Zak Steepleman Novel

Gamers Con: The First Zak Steepleman Novel

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*** For a limited time only, pick up Getting Into The Game: A Zak Steepleman Short Story Collection for free when you sign up for Dave Bakers’s Reading Club. Copy and paste the following URL for more information: bit.ly/davebakers ***

Zak Steepleman: Not your average teenage gamer. He determines to become the greatest gamer on planet Earth.

Only one thing stands in his way:

His games console:

A portal to another world.

Gamers Con, for Zak, paradise.

This year, he has a real shot at the Grand Tournament Trophy.

He aims for the top.

If only he tries his best.

If only he can stay alive.

Gamers Con: The First Zak Steepleman Novel

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