Dane Schiffmann : The Black Chamber

The Black Chamber

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FBI Agent Jennifer Kingsley has never feltso alone. Discredited and suspended she is drawn into a murder investigation that leads her into the world of electronic surveillance and terrorism. With the help of covert operative, Jack Harmon, a man she doesn’t trust, she stumbles onto the trail of a terrorist cell operating in the United States. Framed for the murder of two police officers, Kingsley and Harmon are hunted by every law enforcement agency in the country as they race against time to stop a horrible attack. Too late they realize that they are being manipulated by a shadowy organization operating within the Federal Government known only as the Black Chamber.

Thomas Mallory has a plan to achieve success. Everything in his life is laid out to achieve that goal, including the hairs on his head. As a Department Chief at the National Security Agency, he is an up and comer. He and his team use the NSA’s super computers and high tech surveillance techniques to track and stop threats to the United States. Mallory has always been a cool calming influence on his team, but he has discovered something that terrifies him more than anything he has seen before. A terrorist group has acquired a nuclear bomb somewhere in the United States. As he and his team race against the clock to stop the attack, Mallory stumbles onto something even more disturbing. Someone very high up in the agency has corrupted the electronic surveillance functions of the NSA and may have funneled information to the terrorists. He can trust no one at the agency and has nowhere to turn until he is thrown together with Kingsley and Harmon. Together they must fight for their lives and find a way to stop the Black Chamber and the terrorists from a delivering a crippling blow to America.

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