Dale Carl Fredrickson : Keeping Pulse: Poems for the Heart

Keeping Pulse: Poems for the Heart

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Poetry, Anis Mojgani, Mary Oliver, Rob Bell

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April 25, 2016



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Have you ever quieted yourself and listened to your heart, your actual heart? It s beat, the pulsing song of your body, rises and falls with every thought, action, and emotion. It s astonishing, isn t it? Beyond this miracle you have a spiritual heartbeat. You have been given the ability to act or react to compose your life into a harmonious or discordant song. The poems within this book will help you to pay attention to this beating life force, to learn the rhythms that your life was intended for. The choice is yours. Pick up your copy today.

Editorial Reviews

When you are hungry for the words to articulate your spiritual state of mind, turn to Fredrickson's Keeping Pulse. I find his writing evocative of how I feel when I am longing to become closer to the Divine. His ability to speak to the soul through poetry and prose feeds the reader, and he is able to give the reader narratives that support both our darkest moments as well as our joyful celebrations. This book has been added to my list of reading I will revisit over and over again. --Rev. April Casperson, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Dale is bursting with life. I heard him give one of his spoken word pieces and you could feel the energy filling the room as he put language to grace and hope and love. And now, with this book, you can feel what I m talking about... --Rob Bell

Dale sees the world with wonder including its sharp edges and dark corners. In Keeping Pulse, Dale loans us his eyes so that we can see the higher notes of beauty that float on life's everyday triumphs and tragedies. Don't miss it. --Mike McHargue

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