Brian Wheeler : Mr. Moon's Daredevil Messiahs

Mr. Moon's Daredevil Messiahs

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Registrar Lester Ferris has never seen anything like it. Fervent followers of the Risen Moon consider the Company’s line of Gus model clones as divine beings, as reborn vessels holding the soul of that deceased Gus clone lost in the flames of a failed motorcycle jump engineered by the world’s favorite creator of memories, Mr. Moon.

Registrar Ferris grasps for bearing as the world spins around him. He fails to recognize his place after witnessing the motorcycle accident that kills that fateful clone of the Company’s athletic and strong Gus line. The Bureau forces him to carry a gun. He chases clone abominations in the streets. He dons riot gear and strains to disperse angry crowds. When he had first signed on to the Bureau, his only duty had been to check paperwork and to scan that Company brand that circles every manufactured clone’s right eye.

And Registrar Ferris soon realizes that those of the Risen Moon consider him most special. For he is the Registrar who wears the pink tie, the Registrar who witnessed first-hand that motorcycle accident that through flame forged a divine memory, the Registrar who yearns for reunion with a lost love.

Register Ferris is most special indeed, for those of the Risen Moon believe that he possesses the last bits of knowledge needed to reveal death’s secret to all of mankind.

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