B.P. Shea : The Sky People

The Sky People

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Elf River Books, LLC

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November 19, 2016



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What transpires when aliens meet a human who doesn’t know she’s human?

In the orange seas of their world, they believed they were alone in the universe.

But on a day of storms and fire, a nameless creature explodes to life believing she is one of them, a child of the only home she ever knew. Her solid flesh and alien mind repel those she would call family, beings who have no vocabulary to describe her alien ways.

When her existence corrodes the very fabric of their ancient culture, only war offers a seductive return to the past.

Even if it destroys them all.

A journey to discover who and what she is, The Sky People records a solitary prisoner’s fight for identity as a civilization faces its own fear of the unknown. The Sky People begins the epic first contact trilogy that continues in The Sky People: Arrival and concludes in The Sky People: Full Circle.

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4.0 out of 5 starsGreat First Contact Story; Inventive World-Building

By JAB on December 11, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

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When a spaceship crash lands on an alien world, its arrival triggers a crisis for the planet's inhabitants and sets in motion a chain of events that ultimately will lead to catastrophe.One thing that stands out about of this novel is the world-building, and it's clear the author put a great deal of thought and effort into this. The planet's climate and biology are are realistic, but unlike anything on Earth. The alien race and their culture--how they communicate, how they fight, how they intake nutrients, how they make decisions, their social structures and hierarchies--are truly strange and original. This is in stark contrast to much popular science fiction and fantasy these days. Whether in print or on the screen, writers too often create worlds that promise to be distant, strange, and mysterious, but wind up looking all too familiar: medieval characters who talk like hipsters or alien races that, absent a bit of putty on the forehead, look and act just like us. So for me, the world-building in this novel was a welcome break from the banality of contemporary SFF.The style is sophisticated yet accessible, filled with vivid descriptions and metaphor. The plot is engaging and there is a steady build of narrative tension that leads to a dramatic, action-filled climax. The best science fiction is about ideas, and this novel scores well in that area as well, touching on larger themes such as the relationship between the individual and society, the conflicts between generations, and the cultural disruptions caused by change. All in all, this is a strong debut novel and I'm looking forward to reading more science fiction from B.P. Shea.

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