Benjamin Vrbicek : The Gospel and Church Membership

The Gospel and Church Membership

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February 20, 2016



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If you had to articulate the Gospel—this thing that is so central to the Christian faith—could you do it? What would you want to include? What verses might you use?

And have you ever thought about how this Gospel message relates to attendance, even membership, in a local church?

As a pastor, I often ask people what they believe “the Gospel” is. I don’t do this to be awkward and weird. I ask because I want people to know what they believe, and more than that, I want people, ultimately, to believe true things. When I ask this question, however, the answers I get—and please forgive my bluntness—are often poor.

Whether you have been a Christian for a long time or whether you are just peering over the fence trying to figure things out, I hope this tiny eBook will give you clarity on two massive realities: the beauty of the Gospel and the priority of the local church.

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