Barbara Neville : On the Rocks (Spirit Animal #1)

On the Rocks (Spirit Animal #1)

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Humor, Sports & Outdoors

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227 pages




Barbara Neville

Publication Date

March 16, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Roxanne Rockefeller is a straight shooter who kicks butt, admires tight jeans, and loves life. On the Rocks introduces her as a young cowhand working the last of the fall roundup on a new range, gathering cattle and enjoying the quiet country. Just as the job is about to wind down, things get maybe a bit too exciting.

Annie and her equine companions trot us through a rollicking character driven western action adventure with an intriguing plot twist. Her story is for lovers of all things western and cowboy life in particular as she explores a vast and beautiful land.

On the Rocks is a thrilling ride through wildlife filled mountains and prairies with an assortment of boon and not so boon human and animal companions. Soaring vistas and grandiose themes draw the reader into a nostalgic and surprising world.

There are 11 books in the Spirit Animal series...and counting.

Editorial Reviews

Review: This review is general -- not specific to any one book.I've read nearly all of Barbara's books and enjoyed their novel and refreshing approach. She mixes genres with abandon, delightfully twisting things together and apart while making me think (that really should be capitalized) every now and then. She is one of the half-dozen or so relatively new authors I am following closely, getting each new release and enjoying them thoroughly. In that group Barbara stands out for innovation, being down to earth and for provoking cogitation in an enjoyable manner.Thanks Barbara!-Dan.

Broken Warrior Large Print: A new Western July 16, 2016
"good book."-Grizzlyone.
"Off Grid Planet" by Barbara Neville: "I enjoyed this book very much. It was like being dropped into a crazy dream in a good way. I loved the quirky characters and the cowboy dictionary. It was interesting to read from perspectives of the different characters as well as the mix of ships and horses. I will definitely look up other books by this author. A good read." -- Pam Mooney.
"On the Rocks" by Barbara Neville: "I'm really loving this book. It's funny and thought-provoking and I'm excited to read the next in her series. There is a touch of Tom Robbins, Mad Max, & Dusk till Dawn goodness, with horses, Cowboys, spaceships and dinosaurs... What's not to love?" --Laura. From
"On the Rocks"- "...The greatest strength of this book is its narrator, Roxanne Rockefeller, a profane, feisty cowgirl. Neville has created a genuinely fresh and well-developed character in Roxanne, a young woman who rides out in her best riding finery, complete with guns, a knife... and grenades".-Online Book Club
"On the Rocks"-"I love the cowboy, dinosaurs, spaceships. There was love involved too. To me it was mystery romance. The plus in this book was Annie and Lone Wolf." -- Lorraine Anton. From

From the Author:
7 Reasons the Spirit Animal series is special to me:
1. I had more damn fun creating the characters and writing it. I love to sit down each day and spend a while moving the story forward.
2. The MadDog family is just plain awesome. They may not always get along; but they, by the gawds, stick together against the entire cosmos. Apache/Vikings mostly. Multi-cultural? Definitely.
3. Its home setting (Coastal Southern California and Southern Arizona after being wiped of civilization), if not the time (2600's), is very familiar to me, which is a blast. I've ridden them hills and dales, and driven a lot of the rest. And live myself in a small slice of it. This is awesome country.
4. Horses!
5. It is definitely a western set in the future. We ride, walk, explore a recovered wilderness Earth. We have a minimum of internal combustion vehicles. Actually, just the one, Sadie. We do have space ships and flyers (future versions of today's Beavers and Otters. A couple of the workhorses of small aviation today and for sometime past).
6. I'll stick with Western Speculative fiction, Injin style; but one could call it Injinpunk, or Cowboypunk, should the steampunk folks get aholt of it.
7. Don't forget the spinoff (Cha'a Many Horses) series: "Tomahawk Trail" & "Hell to Pay".

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