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2015 & 2016 NaNoWriMo winner, Arizona author, rancher and outdoorswoman, Barbara Neville, writes what she knows. She is the author of two series, the Spirit Animal series about the cowboy & Injin future; and the Cha'a Many Horses series of historical western fiction. Both feature characters of Native American, European, African, Hawaiian and Asian ancestry. Her past worlds are based on historical fact. Her future worlds are set firmly in a longstanding tradition of caring for the land while living off of it. Cowhand, rancher, adventurer, prospector, artist and author of numerous books; Neville writes of a speculative future, based on her real life experience. Her cats attend her writing sessions, preferring to lay on the keyboard. She ranches with goats, horses,guineas, peafowl, chickens, turkeys and Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. The dog's fictional counterparts appear in the pages of her books.She has led an unusual life of adventure, much of it off-grid. Barb is descended from a longline of adventurous folk. Cowboys, ranchers, prospectors, settlers, homesteaders, inventors and more. She carries on the long tradition of taking the road less traveled. Her fictional world draws heavily on her own life and the people, places and experiences of previous generations.